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Request for input on Love Alliance participatory grantmaking

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Request for input on Love Alliance participatory grantmaking

Dear participant in Love Alliance’s Southern Africa grantmaking cycle,

We would like to gather your experiences regarding the participatory grantmaking mechanism in Love Alliance's Southern Africa program. As Aidsfonds, this was one of our initial endeavors in increasing meaningful participation of communities in grantmaking, and we highly value your input. We kindly request your response to the following questions. Any response is welcome, feel free to skip questions. 

Your responses will remain anonymous. The information collected will be used by Aidsfonds to review the process, inform future grantmaking procedures and structures, and to develop a change story.

We kindly request you to submit your answers no later than the 9th of June.

Thank you!

Are you familiar with the Regional Grantmaking Committee (RGC)? What do you believe their role was in the grantmaking process?
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Did you find the participatory grantmaking process to be more inclusive and empowering? Why or why not?
What impact do you think involving community members had on the selection of grantees?
Did the involvement of community members influence the relevance and effectiveness of the funded projects? If so, how?
What suggestions or feedback do you have to improve Aidsfonds’ future participatory grantmaking?
Is there anything else you wish to share regarding participatory grantmaking in Love Alliance?
Were you grantee or member of the RGC, or both?